Key Information

Important dates:

Summer term 2019

Spring term 2019

Autumn term 2018

Term dates:

Trull Saplings Academic Year 2019 – 20

Trull Saplings Academic Year 2018 -19


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SEND Local offer

Ofsted Report:

Inspected in July 2016, Trull Preschool was rated as Good.

The inspector reported:

  • Children are happy.  They form close attachments with their key person and other staff, which helps them to feel secure and settle quickly to begin learning.
  • Staff are good role models. They provide children with positive examples of how to behave and respond to others.  This helps children to develop good social skills and learn how to adjust their behaviour in different situations.
  • Partnerships with parents and other settings children attend are secure.  Staff gather and share information frequently.
  • Children develop a strong understanding of early mathematics. Staff provide a variety of experiences that help them to develop their skills.

Trull Preschool Ofsted Report