Fees Policy 

Trull Saplings Preschool operates a service which is fair and competitively priced. We aim to offer a high quality service, in a safe and stimulating environment where the needs of individual children are met. We provide day care for the following sessions in Term Time Only:

  • 9.00am to 1.00pm or 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 9.00am to 1.00pm Wednesday

Our hourly fees are:

  • £6.00 for 2 year old children
  • £5.50 for 3+ year old children claiming over and above the Government funding entitlement allocated hours

All charges will be clearly shown on your half termly electronic invoice, these will be sent out at the beginning of each half term and payment will be required within 2 weeks of issue.

Fees are payable by Bank Transfer and Childcare Vouchers. We accept the following Care4, Edenred, FairCare, Computershare, Fideliti and KiddiVouchers. Payment by other methods (cash/cheque) are welcome but will incur a processing charge of £2.50.

The aforementioned £2.50 processing charge will be added to all accounts who have opted out of paying via Bank Transfer or Childcare vouchers (including Free Entitlement-only places).

The Preschool are in receipt of Early Years Entitlement Funding for three and four year olds and we are also eligible to receive funding for 2 year olds.  Please refer to our Early Years Entitlement Funding Policy.

All sessions must be paid for on time.

Where fees are not paid within 14 days of the date that the invoice was issued a reminder will be sent to the parent/carer via email for fees to be paid within a 7 day lay period (from the date that the late payment notice was issued)

Where fees are still not paid after this lay period, your account will be subject to a late payment charge of £10

If fees continue to be outstanding (and no contact is made to arrange a payment plan) proceedings through the small claims court will be instigated to reclaim the outstanding amount.  Please refer to our Non Payment of Fees Policy.

If there are any problems concerning payment of your fees please speak to the Preschool Business Manager immediately; all information discussed will be kept confidential and the Preschool will do our best to arrange a payment plan with you. Please refer to our Confidentiality Policy.

A Standing Order will be set up to ensure payments are made on a weekly/monthly basis, this payment will be written in a payment plan agreement which the Parent and Business Manager will sign. If outstanding fees are continually deferred the Preschool will have to take further action, please refer to our Non Payment of Fees Policy.

If your child misses a session due to illness or a family holiday, that session must still be paid for as the Preschool is keeping his/her place open. The case of continuing illness, please inform the Preschool as soon as possible in order to put an appropriate action in place

In the event of an emergency closure we will not charge parents fees for the period of closure

We require one months notice if you decide to take you child away from our setting.  If this notice is not given, we reserve the right to invoice you for this period

Please refer to our Punctuality Policy regarding late collection of a child

Please refer to our Non Payment of Fees Policy regarding non payment

Persistent non payment of fees will result in the loss of your child’s place at the Preschool (This will not apply to Funding Entitlement places)

If you receive Working Tax Credit you may be able to get help towards the cost of childcare.  For further details or an application form contact the tax credits helpline on 0345 300 3900 or visit the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website: www.gov.uk/working-tax-credit 

Linked Policies 
Our fee policy links directly with the following other policies within our setting:


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